Trust Consultancy and Development opens a new South Asia office in Pakistan

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Trust Consultancy and Development, a well-established leading provider of monitoring and evaluation, and capacity-building services, is pleased to announce the official opening of its South Asian consultancy chapter in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Bringing international portfolio and expertise

Fahad Bin Haibat as Regional Director will lead the Trust South Asia office based in Islamabad, Pakistan. CEO Charlotte Krog explains, “As a third-party monitoring and capacity builder with learning and accountability as its core and with our values, we are happy to share the expansion to South Asia. With Fahad Bin Haibat as our new Regional Director, a solid foundation is laid with his significant experience and local awareness alongside a strong and experienced project team and field teams. We are thus looking much forward to new partnerships and cooperation in South Asia”.

In Pakistan, we lack consulting companies with international exposure offering both comprehensive in-house services for third-party monitoring, research and capacity building, and technical expertise developed internationally », says Fahad. ”With this new office, Trust brings its international portfolio across South Asia, technical in-house capacities and extensive network of experts, to support the local organizations and professionals leading development and assistance programs” he explains.

Inclusion and Diversity at the Core of Trust’s Work

With this new office, South Asian organizations and stakeholders seeking to contract technical services of third-party monitoring and capacity building may now contact Trust through its Islamabad office. “Our international expertise would contribute to overcome the challenges encountered by humanitarian and development organizations with our comparative experience across multiple countries, supported by a network of more than 3.000 field researchers, consultants and experts in multiple sectors, and in every district of Pakistan” Fahad explains. “The ‘Do no harm’ principle is at the core of our activities, and we embed it in all our activities, ensuring the inclusion of the local communities with whom we work and the diverse perspectives they bring with them. Diversity, localization and inclusion are the foundational values of our work in the region”.

The Islamabad office will serve as the regional focal point for all projects conducted in Pakistan and neighboring countries. ” With the recent developments in Afghanistan the humanitarian needs are overwhelming, and the local organizations in Afghanistan need to be supported and capacitated to achieve their ultimate goals, and their staff enabled to handle this humanitarian crisis. We are here to make a difference”, concludes Fahad.


About Trust Consultancy and Development

Founded in 2016, Trust is a well-established leading provider of third-party monitoring (TPM), evaluations, verifications, capacity building, and data collection services for development and humanitarian programming in Syria, Turkey, the surrounding MENA and South Asia regions. With over 230 projects delivered to local and international humanitarian and development stakeholders to date, our activities advocate for the development of the sector’s accountability and ensuring the needs of programs’ beneficiaries are always heard and respected. We provide insights you can rely on for the integrity and effectiveness of humanitarian interventions.

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