Improving access to essential services to vulnerable populations

Trust Consultancy and Development offers Arabic/English and English/Arabic translations services with the utmost professionalism and highest level of requirement. Our multi-lingual team is experienced in providing translation of monitoring, evaluation, and learning program’s materials, from data collection tools, raw data sets, reports, manuals, policy papers and training materials.

The language barrier is one of the main challenges faced by international agencies operating in the MENA region. The translation of documents and data between the different levels of actors involved must be anticipated from the design phase of the project to ensure a nuanced and precise transmission of the information collected, the stages of the project and the results developed.

Ensure the utmost precision for your findings

Our international team can provide you with a translation from Arabic to English that respects the nuances of the local dialects spoken in the different countries where your projects are implemented. Trust Consultancy & Development supports you to ensure that the data collected will uphold the sharing of accurate and contextualized results with your international partners.

Share your expertise with those who matter most

While the Arabic language is the fourth most spoken language in the world, too few international documents, manuals or materials are still available today to communities in the region. When receiving humanitarian assistance, local communities must be able to access and understand the results to which they have contributed. Our translation services help your teams share their findings across the region and to the audience that matters most.

Sample Portfolio

Care Turkey

Raw Data (Protection)

UNFPA Turkey

Training Manual (Gender and Protection)

International Rescue Committee Turkey

Child Protection Manual

Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Turkey

Raw Data (Health and Mental Health)

SEEP Network USA

Training Materials (Minimum Economic Recovery Standards)

Mercy Corps Jordan

Training materials, manuals and internal documents

Investimate Turkey

Raw Data, KIIs and FGDs