Civil Society Organizations Mapping and Needs Assessment in Gaziantep

Project Presentation

With funding from the European Union (EU), Door Beyond War (Door) launched a project to strengthen and empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Gaziantep.

Trust Consultancy & Development was contracted to conduct a research study with the dual aim of:

  • 1) mapping out Syrian and Turkish CSOs at the grassroots level in Gaziantep,
  • 2) and assessing their needs, capacities, and challenges.

Our team conducted 25 – 30 KIIs with representatives of these CSOs, asking them about the sectors in which they are active, their existing capacities, any internal and external challenges they face, and their needs as an organization. Based on the findings of this study, Door shortlisted project participants and tailored their capacity building curriculum to meet the needs of these participants.


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Sectors: Civil Society, Livelihoods, Social Cohesion

Project Type: Research Project

LocationGaziantep – Turkey

Date: May-December 2021

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