Brief description

CARE International awarded Trust a TPM contract to monitor and report on three of CARE’s humanitarian aid projects in northern Syria. These projects are part of the larger programmatic plan that’s known as the Syrian Resilience Consortium (SRC). The TPM will produce credible and reliable findings that verify the implementation and quality of CARE partners’ programming activities, ensuring the goods and services provided by CARE partners have been delivered to the selected households according to the agreed criteria. Trust has conducted 29 OSDM visits, 308 HH surveys, and 61 observations, with a total of 6 monitoring reports sent to CARE covering all the findings and recommendations for improving the effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of CARE FSL projects.

Project Details

  • Sector/s : Food Security and – NFIs
  • Livelihood: agriculture, vocation training, cash for work, infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Project type : Monitoring (distribution and post-distribution)
  • Location : Syria (Idleb & Aleppo)
  • Period : September 2017 – June 2018
  • Donor : EC, SIDA, NMFA

OSDM visits






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