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So far, Third Party Monitoring department has carried out

Trust founder and CEO, Youssef Almustafa, worked for different employers since 2000. He worked for State Planning Commission, prime Ministry, Ministry of Social Affairs and labour, United Nations for Relief and work Agency for Pal- estinian Refugees (UNRWA), Total Fina Elf, GOAL Global, CARE USA, Norwegian Relief Council, International Business and Technical Consultants Int (IBTCI (and many others.

Working for these employers shows a large gap in monitoring and research ser- vices in terms of quality given that he experienced this in many local and inter- national NGOs and companies. Based on this fact, Trust was founded in June 2016 to contribute to this gap bridging combining both monitoring and evalu- ation services and capacity building services. Therefore, unlike other services providers, Trust tries to transfer knowledge and experience through the capaci- ty building departments enhancing learning and seeking improvement not only for itself but also for external stakeholders.

Youssef Almustafa, the founder, studied economics in Syria and got 2 Master degrees, MSc in Political Economy of Development from University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies in 2008 and MA in Economic Change in the Arab Region from University of Philipps, Marburg, Germany in 2011. In ad- dition, Youssef is a trainer where he delivers training in M&A, project manage- ment, Sphere and other topics.

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Trust Consultancy
Time respected, quality protected.


Become a leading Third-party Monitoring & Evaluation and capacity development consultancy in the MENA region.


Deliver accurate and timely data and information tailored to our clients’ needs in order to produce high quality reports and facilitate informed decision-making amongst businesses, development and humanitarian practitioners.

Token Features

Who we are

So far, Third Party Monitoring department has carried out

Trust Consultancy and Development, founded on 15th June 2016, is an independent Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) and capacity development consultancy based in Turkey, providing a range of services to the whole of the MENA region and beyond. Our dedicated team of qualified local and international consultants and researchers, supported by our highly experienced project management team, aspire to provide a range of expert services to international and local NGOs, businesses, donors and third parties with vested interests in different aspects of business, development and humanitarian action.

Our work addresses the growing demand for a range of TPM, needs assessment, external evaluation and capacity building services by development, humanitarian, business and governments. We recognize the challenges of conducting M&E in volatile contexts, and as a TPM provider have assurances in place to provide high quality reliable data while ensuring the
integrity and sensitivity of our presence in the field. Providing clients with insights they can rely on to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of their interventions and responses calls for an organization that is committed to timely delivery and high-quality work – the two defining features of Trust; time respected, quality protected.

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Our Values

So far, Third Party Monitoring department has carried out


We consider quality to be the most important criterion of our services, which guarantees that it is never compromised. We aim to ‘under-promise’ and ‘over-deliver’, and therefore aspire to meet all our commitments in a timely and professional manner. Our team demonstrates paramount integrity and treats every client with the utmost respect.


Trust produces reports and provides consultancies in a completely neutral and unbiased manner. Our reports are objective and professional - and our final recommendations are exempt from any external or internal influence.


Trust observes all agreements concluded with our clients. No information is thus disclosed to a third party unless agreed otherwise with the client.

Social responsibility

Trust is a for profit company; however, as we believe in social responsibility, we allocate part of our revenues and efforts to selected projects and stakeholders we feel are important.

Learning and Continuous Improvement

Trust believes in learning as an essential channel for continuous improvement; from every assignment we do, we learn and share the new knowledge with our internal and external stakeholders. Lessons learnt are captured at the end of each project in a session of self-examination and shared with relevant stakeholders. Actions are taken to operationalize the new knowledge through integration into our procedures; learning is the main channel of innovation.

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