Performance Management & Evaluation

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Performance Management & Evaluation

Duration: 3 days

Date: 20-22 February, 2018

Time: 09:00-14:00

Language: Arabic

Location: Gaziantep, Turkey


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This course examines the importance of an effective performance management system in helping organisations define and achieve short and long-term goals. It explains and reinforces the concept that performance management is not a one-time supervisory event, but an ongoing process of planning, facilitating, assessing, and improving individual and organisational performance. In addition, the course emphasises the importance of measuring the effectiveness of human resource activities that are designed to enhance individual and organisational performance

  • Design an organizations performance management process that is compliant with law and supports organizational mission and strategy.
  • Compare and contrast various organizational performance management programs and best practices and define attributes of effective performance management systems
  • Employ job-related performance standards and performance indicators that reflect the employees range of responsibilities
  • Assess how increased employee involvement can contribute to effective performance and coach employees to identify career paths and resources available to support individual development.
  • Creating and sustaining high performance teams
    • Performance Planning: Organizational mission, strategy and goals
    • Key characteristics of a high performing team
    • Creating a performance management culture through HR programs and practices
  • The principles of performance management
    • Core elements, principles and benefits of an effective performance management framework
    • Performance management cycle and purpose of the performance review
    • Organizations performance appraisal process
  • Setting performance measures
    • Objective setting process
    • Setting and communicating performance objectives and KPIs
    • Identifying core behaviors that drive high performance
  • Reviewing and assessing performance
    • Reviewing different levels of performance
    • Objectively assessing and rating performance
    • Performance assessment, including 360-degree feedback
  • Coaching performance review meetings
    • Structuring performance review meetings
    • Giving constructive and motivational feedback
    • Using questions to help employees review their own performance
  • Review and next steps
    • Review of learning and action planning
    • Performance management system review and enhancement
  • Group exercise with review, individual reflective exercise
  • Presentation, skills practice in small groups, group learning review
  • Case study with group learning review and discussion
  • Quiz

This course offers practical performance management training, aimed at HR managers who’s want to create an effective performance management system and line managers who have a responsibility for managing the performance and conduct of staff/employees.

Mohammad Abo Saleh

Mohammad is a Human Resources expert and a management and organisation development consultant who specialises in HR issues and management development to create forward-thinking workplaces.


Mohammad has worked for many years in HR. Since 2002, Mohammad has contributed to in-house training programmes and has facilitated over 500 training and planning sessions.

He has worked as an HR Manager, a training manager and an Organisation Development consultant.

Mohammad is also a professional speaker, trainer and writer.

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