Intern Testimonials

Kelly’s Story

Programmes Support Officer

I first met Youssef through a personal connection and we arranged to
speak to talk about Gaziantep. I had heard about Antep and I wanted to come here to work. When Youssef and I spoke and I told him my interests and background, he suggested I come and intern with Trust!

I spent three months working as a Communications Officer intern for Trust and learnt a lot during that time. Near the end of my internship, Youssef and I agreed to a more permanent arrangement for me to work with the programmes team. I am now a Programmes Supporting Officer with the organisation.

My time with Trust so far has been invaluable, I have really enjoyed working for an organisation that is near its inception. Things change fast and it means you have to be exible and hardworking, but you also have the chance to observe and contribute to an organisation in a way that you never would if Trust were already much bigger. Everyone helps each other and you gain a real overview into the workings of each department. The atmosphere at Trust is open and welcomes new ideas and input from all members of staff. It’s not an internship where you are just making the coffee for everyone and watching from the sidelines – you are expected to get involved and be cre- ative! This means you get some real hands-on experience.

At moments it was overwhelming and hectic, but this has given me stronger time management skills and a better ability to work under pressure. It has also given me a great appreciation of supportive team members 🙂

I would recommend interning at Trust for all of the reasons above, but maybe also because Turkey is an incredibly interesting place to be based right now. Working for a Syrian company has given me an insight into so many aspects of the Syrian conflict and its effects I don’t think I would have understood otherwise. If you are passionate about development, this is a place to come and learn.

Yasser’s Story

Programmes Support Officer

I still remember that email “Your application for the Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation training course has been approved”. Before the course I didn’t have any idea about M & E, and no experience in the humanitarian field let alone a job!

During the training , the other thing that I have not forgotten is the smile of Hassan when he welcomed me on the first day. He gave me confidence and helped me to relax on my first experience of M&E and the humanitarian sector. Youssef was the second trainer with Hassan and after the training he told us -the trainees- that Trust was looking for interns to work in the training department and to send CVs by email. I sent my CV as soon as I arrived home on that same day.

After meeting with Hassan and Youssef in Trust of ce they asked me to join the team with as an intern for three months initially. The 9th November 2016 was my first day in Trust as an intern and I consider it to be like my birthday. Less than 3 months later, on 1st January 2017 I became a formal employee at Trust.

When I first joined I worked as a Training coordinator, I then moved to the programs department as a field coordinator and now I am working as an assistant to the project managers.

I didn’t feel like I was an “intern” at Trust. After I finished each task I received a lot of compliments and encouragement. You really feel appreciated at the company. Trust knows the value of interns and always considers how to give its team the most biggest benefit. The management knows that the way to success is through the capacity building of its team. Working at Trust has a lot of advantages; you have the opportunity to attend trainings and workshops, and in the programs department there is a sea of knowledge and experiences to learn from through the rich variety of projects in M & E.

Youssef and Hassan (the co-founders) are the great role models and have inspired me in different ways. Hassan taught me to be accurate and think strategically. Youssef encouraged me to dream big, and gave me the keys of success.

Laramie’s Story

Director’s Assistant

I had just completed my Masters and was looking for a new opportunity. I got in touch with Trust and after a successful couple of interviews was on my way to Gaziantep!

I joined the company when it was still only around 6 months old. I began working in media, preparing posters and managing the company’s social media, implementing engagement strategies and monitoring its progress. As the company grew so did the scale of our work. Following the internship I was asked to join the company and my role became Director’s Assistant.

The atmosphere at Trust is extremely participatory, in this sense there is no difference between the permanent staff and interns. Everyone is expected (and encouraged!) to get involved and share their ideas. I have gained invaluable insights into how the humanitarian sector works, from the big donors to the local partners implementing the aid. Working with Trust has been a learning experience right from the start. Before, I had only learnt about monitoring and evaluation in lectures at university so suddenly I had the chance to see the theory put into action! I’ve also had the opportunity to attend training in a number of different humanitarian topics.

I have been with Trust for nearly a year now and a lot has changed since I first started. There’s been so many exciting opportunities that I could spend all day listing them all. From representing Trust at meetings with UN officials to traveling to Erbil to assist with a training, my first year has been incredibly exciting! And all of these new experience have helped me to grow professionally in my time so far working with Trust. I’ve pushed and improved my existing skills and learnt new ones all with the active support of my colleagues.

I would definitely recommend an internship with Trust. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience and insight into different areas of the humanitarian sector, particularly if you are interested in how the sector is responding to the conflict in Syria.

Kristen’s Story

Programmes Intern

I am currently applying what I learned during my time with TRUST in my role as a Development Worker with a charity. I have written and delivered participatory workshops and am carrying out monitoring and evaluation of our project’s impact; skills I developed directly as a result of my internship with TRUST!

I first learned about TRUST through an advert calling for Programmes Interns. The position struck my eye because I was looking for an opportunity to gain more experience in monitoring and evaluation upon completing my master’s degree in International Relations. As I am based in Scotland, Youssef and I arranged for a Skype interview in July 2017. Once I learned more about what TRUST does and what they could offer me as an intern, I was eager to join the team! I was offered my choice of interning remotely or in Gaziantep and ultimately interning remotely benefited me in a number of ways. While I never met the team in person, I was completely supported by Youssef, Laramie, and Kelly throughout my internship period.

During my internship, I built on previous experience in capacity building and training by writing workshops and seminars for TRUST. I learned a great deal about programme implementation and monitoring and evaluation by researching and writing a seminar on the Fundamentals of M&E which Youssef delivered in Erbil, Iraq. I developed a sound understanding of what makes a good Terms of Reference while creating a workshop on the topic. By proofreading reports and documents, I learned more about the development work being carried out in Syria and Turkey.

I am currently applying what I learned during my time with TRUST in my role as a Development Worker with a charity in Glasgow, Scotland. In that capacity, I have written and delivered participatory workshops and am carrying out monitoring and evaluation of our project’s impact; skills I developed directly as a result of my internship with TRUST!

Throughout my Remote Programmes internship, I felt valued and supported by Youssef and the team. As someone who is eager to work in International Development, I truly appreciate the chance I had to gain more concrete experience and connections. I was initially inspired to see the success TRUST has had in its first few years as a firm- it’s now evident to me that that success stems from the staff’s knowledge, interpersonal skills, and passion about the work they’re doing.

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