Brief description

Trust was commissioned by PIN to conduct a TPM of their Ready to Eat Kit distribution in Northern Syria. The primary aim of the TPM exercise was to investigate the potential diversion of goods, Trust conducted field visits to a sample of the projectlocations. Trust conducted investigative interviews with key informants and focus group discussions with stakeholders who may be able to provide insights into such compliance and risks of aid diversion to non-State Armed Groups. Primarydata was collected from beneficiaries and stakeholders through 15 KIIs and 10 FGDs, and both Arabic and English data wassubmitted to People in Need for further analysis.

Project Details

  • Sector/s : Food Security – Livelihood
  • Project type : Post Distribution Monitoring
  • Location : Syria (Idleb & Aleppo)
  • Period : February 2019
  • Donor : DFID





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