Brief description

Trust conducted a final evaluation relying on a mixed-methods participatory approach to gain insights into the outcomes of CARE’s protection interventions in North-eastern Syria. A desk review of relevant literature and project documents was carried out to guide the design of the methods and tools. Qualitative data collected included eight FGDs conducted in the project locations of Hassakeh city and an IDP camp. The FGD sample covered women and men of different age groups, in addition to girls and boys aged 10-15. Additionally, a household survey was conducted, covering 187 respondents from both project locations. Observation checklists as well as findings from beneficiary discussions and surveys were compiled to develop detailed profiles of partner led community centres providing psychosocial support and protection activities. In addition to detailing data, the final report provided evidence-based findings and recommendations to inform future programming.

Project Details

  • Sector/s : Protection
  • Project type : Evaluation
  • Location : Syria (Al-Hassakeh)
  • Period : Feb - Apr 2019
  • Donor : DFID







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