Project Management for Development PMD Pro 2

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Project Management for Development PMD Pro 2

Duration: 4 days 

Dates: 26-29 March 2018

Time: 10:00-16:00

Language: Arabic

Location: Gaziantep, Turkey


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Development professionals who achieve the PMD Pro2 qualification have demonstrated the ability to analyze, apply and adapt the content of PMD Pro in a development context. PMD Pro2 is a progression from PMD Pro 1’s foundation of basic knowledge.
As a follow-on to the popular PMD Pro 1 certification, this course prepares participants for the PMD Pro 2 certificate exam. This self-paced course allows you to explore project management disciplines, strengthening the application of approaches and tools and reinforcing the theoretical knowledge needed to succeed in the exam. Links will be made to knowledge gained in PMD 1 and this will be built upon. PMD Pro 2 is not just about recalling facts in a guide (although you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of these), it is also about questioning, changing, adapting and learning to be flexible.

This is the next stage in a journey in project management that probably started a long time ago.
Step-by-step instructions are also provided to help access the exam, so you can begin the certification process once you are ready.

  • This course prepares those with PMD Pro 1 certification for the PMD Pro 2 certification exam. The course provides participants an overview of PMD Pro concepts and opportunities to answer practice test questions on each of the project management disciplines. Learning is supported with additional guidance, resources, tools, and templates for the questions.
  • The objective of this examination level is to measure whether a candidate can analyse and apply the content of the Guide to PMD Pro in the context of a non-complex development project. Successful candidates will need to show they can analyse, apply and adapt the contents of the PMD guide Pro to address the challenges of a given project scenario.
  • Explain principles, phases and disciplines of PMD Pro management products as they apply to the particular circumstances of a given development project scenario.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between principles, phases and disciplines of PMD Pro management products within the context of a given development project scenario.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles, phases and disciplines of PMD Pro management products within the context of different development project scenarios.
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt PMD Pro Management principles to different development project environments.

This intensive course consists of:

  • A review of the content of the 5 day PMD Pro1 course
  • Experience sharing and group learning around PMD Pro implementation and adaptions. As well a 
  • A series of intensive sessions that equip project managers with the tools and techniques to deliver high value, quality projects as well as repairing and saving struggling projects 
  • Preparation for taking the PMDPro2 exam
  • This course is highly interactive and will prepare individual learners and teams to deliver better projects, become more qualified and provide a space to share and learn from other project managers.

This training course is designed to meet the needs of experienced PMD Pro1 qualified staff who have implemented their learning and would like to develop their skills and gain a qualification that shows they have reached a practitioner level in PMD Pro. This on and off-line course will prepare learners who have access to a reliable internet connection to take the PMDPro2 exam.

This course is designed for PMD Pro 1 certification holders who are preparing themselves for PMD Pro 2 certification. Although those without PMD Pro 1 certification may enroll in the course, only those with PMD Pro 2 certification may take the PMD Pro 2 test.

Hassan Jenedie

Hassan is co-founder of Trust and head of capacity building. He has a BSc in Pharmacy and is currently reading toward an MA in Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action at University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute (IHEID).

He worked as Chief Development Officer (Deputy CEO) for UOSSM where he was responsible for part of the organization’s team developing the capacity building department, designing strategy and establishing policy and procedures.

Hassan is a certified trainer in Project Management for the Development Sector (PMD Pro 1&2), The Minimum Standards of The Humanitarian Fieldwork (SPHERE), and Building Better Response (BBR). He also worked as a trainer for an ISHA Program, part of the Investing in Syrian Humanitarian Action learning program for

Hassan has also acted as project manager for more than 47 projects in different humanitarian fields, and worked as an independent consultant for a project in Syria Relief funded by Save the Children / Turkey (DFID project).

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