My Intern Experience With Trust

My Intern Experience With Trust 

First of all, I really would like to thank Youssef Almustafa and Hassan Jenedie for giving me this unique opportunity to work with Trust. I would also like to thank Laramie Shubber for her investment with the interns integration, Kelly O’Donovan for her precious tutoring and Mahmoud Jammoul my line manager, but also all of the Trust team for their warm welcome and their kindness. They all contributed to make this internship an unforgettable and precious experience.

The three months I spent working as a Programs intern for Trust in the frame of my master’s internship was a really rewarding experience. It was the perfect opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a Monitoring & Evaluation Consultancy. It was also an incredible window to understand how NGOs, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Turkey are working, and how they often rely on consultancies like Trust for Third-party monitoring or for evaluations.

My tasks and responsibilities as an intern were very diverse and helped me to consolidate and gain new skills.  These tasks included providing support for the staff members in Monitoring & Evaluations programs as well as administrative support, but also to occasionally contribute to data analysis and to assist with research, writing and editing for blogs and presentations. My main responsibility throughout the three months was to take part in the proposals process and writing.

One of the advantages of working with Trust was also the possibility to participate in the trainings delivered by Trust’s Capacity Building department. This is how I had the chance to learn about and to obtain a certificate in ‘Gender Based Violence Case Management’ as well as in ‘Preparing an Evaluation, Terms of Reference and Proposal’.

The company tries to ensure that its interns to not have a superficial understanding of the projects in which they participate; They encourage you to be really involved, take initiative and just generally get stuck in. They really wanted to make sure the interns could learn real skills, useful for their professional projects.  The atmosphere was really positive and family-like, and even during the most critical moments of work, the various members of the staff were always helpful and friendly.

Trust is a Human sized organization aiming to improve itself everyday, especially concerning the welfare of its interns, whether inside and outside the office. My stay in Gaziantep would not have been the same if it was not for their involvement in making my everyday life in Turkey easier and more enjoyable.

I really think Turkey is an amazing and interesting place to live, work and travel. Working in Gaziantep for a Syrian company like Trust has helped me to understand the Syrian conflict and its effects from complementary perspective. If you are really interested in understanding the complexity of the Middle-East as well as the challenges and the organization of humanitarian action in crisis zones, an internship with Trust is exactly what you need. It is a unique experience I would recommend whether you take it from a professional perspective or from a human perspective !

Author: Amyna Mehrez

Amyna is a Programs Intern at Trust and was in Gaziantep from September to December 2017. She is currently studying for a Masters in International Security at the Paris Institute of Political Studies


Trust Autumn Interns with some members of staff


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