A Letter to Our Interns

A Letter from the Trust Director to incoming Interns

Trust director Youssef Almustafa

In our eyes, Trust’s human resources is the key factor of its success; it is our staff, interns, volunteers and consultants who make the company what it is. Since Trust began, it has opened itsdoors for Syrian, Turkish and international interns. So far, we have received interns from Syria, Egypt, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Iraq and Australia. Internships can provide immense benefits to both the interns and host organisations.

It’s important to find a placement that is right for you. I have first-hand experience of the difficulties of finding the right placement. When I was an MA student in Marburg University, Germany, we had to spend 3 months interning in the MENA region. Like all the other students, I contacted more than 30 organizations with no success; almost all of them did not reply and the ones that did reply said that they were not able to receive interns. It was very demotivating but I continued to search. My next step was to get in touch with my peers and use my links to see where I could be of use whilst also continuing to learn. In the end I spent one month in Yemen, one month in Egypt and one month in Tunisia. It was a great experience that taught me a lot about the MENA region and development. But it was not only beneficial for me, the host organisations also benefited from my skills and knowledge.

This is why Trust first decided to receive interns; it is a win-win situation. We have since signed an MOU with NOHA and Manchester University to receive MA students who are interested in the humanitarian sector as in­terns.

Trust’s experience with its interns has been great so far. Although we do not guarantee employment after the internship, we give pri­ority to those who we have worked with before. Thus, we have main­tained professional relationships with most interns.

Many of our new colleagues began as interns. Sarah joined our team as a programs intern about one year ago and now consults for us remotely, Laramie joined our team as an intern 8 months ago and now she works as the director’s assistant, Kelly joined our team as an intern 6 months ago and she is now project support officer, Heba joined our team as an intern 6 months ago and she is a project manager who is now moving to work with Trust as a consultant remotely. Yasser joined us as an intern immediate­ly after he attended one of our training programs 9 months ago. He is now a support officer in the programs department. Omar joined us 4 months ago and he is now a field supervisor. Finally, Hamza, our logis­tics officer, joined us as an intern 7 months ago and he is enjoying his work with Trust. Many of our other interns were also recruited by organisations following their time with us.

Internships are not just about interns learning from host organisa­tions. They also give organisations to learn from the diverse experi­ence and knowledge that interns bring. Each Trust intern has brought their own unique experience and contribution to the company and Trust has been lucky to have such a great team to learn from.

With such an international team of staff, consultants, and interns, Trust is planning to expand its operations in the MENA region. Soon we will begin operations in Iraq and many other countries in the region.

Interns, you are most welcome; I am sure your time with us will open many doors and be the beginning of a great professional relationship.

The Trust team


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