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Who We Are

Trust Consultancy and Development (TRUST) is an independent consultancy, evaluation and research company based in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Our dedicated team of experienced consultants and researchers supported by our highly qualified management aspires to provide expert, top-quality consultancy, monitoring and training services to international and local NGOs, businesses, donors and third parties with vested interest in different aspects of humanitarian action.

Our work addresses the growing demand for third party M&E services in the light of intensified humanitarian response to the escalating civilian suffering in Syria and other parts of the MENA region. However, this increased demand on third party monitoring services in the Syrian response remote management framework has made it very challenging to provide quality reporting right in time. Irrespective of these pressures, TRUST remains committed to both high quality work and timely delivery.

Deliver accurate and timely information tailored to client's needs which would facilitate informed decision-making among humanitarian practitioners and field managers.
Become a leading consultancy and third party MEAL team in the MENA region.

Our Values


TRUST observes all agreements concluded with our clients and no information is thus disclosed to a third party unless a priori agreed.


TRUST’s engine of growth is innovation; we seek continuous improvement with the help of our distinguished team.


TRUST produces reports and provides consultancies in a completely neutral and unbiased manner. Our reports are fully professional.


In TRUST, we consider quality as the most important criterion of our services, which guarantees that it is never compromised.

Our Team

Youssef Al-Mustafa

Youssef Almustafa is co-founder of Trust Consultancy and Development and Director of the organisation. He has worked for many different humanitarian NGOs and consultancies in Syria and Turkey such as GOAL, IBTCI, CARE, and NRC.  Before moving to the humanitarian sector in 2013, Youssef worked for different employers in Syria including as general manager for the National Fund for Social Aid, manager of the new United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), and as a consultant for the microfinance institution of Agha Khan network for Development in Syria. Youssef has an MSc in Development from University of London, SOAS and an MA in Economic Change in the Arab region from the University of Marburg, Germany. He is a trainer of many M&E related topics.


Hassan Jenedie is co-founder of Trust and Head of Capacity Building within the organisation. He has a BSc in Pharmacy and is working towards a diploma in designing strategies and projects in the humanitarian context. He was previously Capacity Building Director for Orange and Chief Development Officer for the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM). Hassan has managed, designed and facilitated training in a broad range of areas in Syria and Turkey whilst working for numerous other NGOs and humanitarian organisations and as a specialist consultant. He is a certified trainer in Project Management for Development Pro1 & Pro2, the Sphere Project and Building Better Response and has extensive practice in specialized staff training for INGOs and NGOs.

Mahmoud Jammoul

Mahmoud Jammoul is an expert Relief, Monitoring & Evaluation and Programs Manager. At Trust he oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects related to ongoing program activities including planning, organisation, and leading staff. His professional experience includes working as a Monitoring and Evaluation manager for SEMA in Turkey where he was responsible for the development and maintenance of all M&E planning and tools, as well as conducting data analysis. Mahmoud also has experience identifying gaps in capacity and defining and implementing new medical standards and guidelines in conflict contexts and for patients with varying medical histories and has supported health facilities in Syria since the beginning of the conflict through his work.

Akkash Asheer

Akkash Asheer is a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning expert. He holds a BSc in Statistics and Business Analytics and has extensive experience in the NGO and INGO sector working on research projects, as a project manager and as a trainer in data related subjects. Prior to Trust, Akkash worked as a business development manager and marketing researcher for SABR Consulting, as Resources Development Manager for the MASRRAT foundation and Survey Manager for the Orange Foundation where his tasks included designing research tools, managing data collection, analysis and reporting, developing procedures to ensure a high quality of work and establishing research tools. Akkash previously worked as a journalist and editor and speaks Arabic, Turkish and English.


Hani Babeli is a Syrian national based in Gaziantep, Turkey and is operations manager at Trust. He holds a BSC in Statistics and previously worked for many different NGOs and companies as a Programmes Manager and Researcher, managing field teams, designing research tools and analysis and reporting. He has extensive experience working on projects related to Syria and in large-scale data collection. Hani has conducted various studies and research projects and facilitated numerous training workshops in Turkey and in Syria. He speaks Arabic and English.

Yasser Al-Mustafa

Yasser Almustafa is a Syrian national based in Gaziantep, Turkey and is Programmes Support Officer for Trust. He is PMD Pro 1 qualified, holds a BSc in Pharmacy from Aleppo University and practiced as a pharmacist for over 8 years. He has worked on a range of projects for Trust, coordinating with the field team in Syria and communicating with clients, assisting with data collection and supporting report writing. He also contributes to training in Syria, helping design courses and materials. He has a deep understanding of the Syrian and Turkish contexts and speaks English and Arabic.

Enumerators inside Syria

Trust Consultancy and Development has qualified enumerators in most locations inside Syria where host communities and IDPS live, including hard-to-reach areas. Our enumerator team is gender-balanced with members of different backgrounds.

Enumerators in Turkey

Trust Consultancy and Development has qualified enumerators in most locations in Turkey where refugees live (Syrian and non-Syrian). Our enumerator team is gender-balanced with members of different backgrounds.

Why Choose Us?

All of our staff showcase excellent field experience acquired while working in hardly accessible areas inside Syria and Turkey, and outstanding records in their areas of expertise. TRUST team relies on extensive network of experienced field researchers who are able to collect and deliver data upon request. Aside from our local staff, we also cooperate with worldwide professionals with international experience who demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the MENA region.

Join Us

Trust Consultancy accepts speculative applications from talented individuals with experience in one of our 5 areas: Data collection, Third party monitoring, needs assessment, Data analysis and research and Consultancy for M&E Services.

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